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Pest Control


Flea & Tick Treatment


At Lake Macquarie Carpet Cleaning, we provide a range of services including end of lease pest control for the treatment of fleas and ticks. Based in Lake Macquarie NSW, we service all areas in and around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.
Carpet pest Control — Lake Macquarie Carpet Cleaning Lake Macquarie, NSW
We can effectively eliminate fleas and ticks as part of an end of lease service for those who are relocating. This service is particularly essential if you have pets of any kind, since they can carry fleas and ticks which then breed in your home or business premises.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do fleas breed in carpet?
Fleas can live and breed deep within the fibres and base material of carpeting. Adult fleas live on the host, usually a pet cat or dog, they lay their eggs on the host, those eggs will usually fall off onto the carpet where they then live, and eventually repeat the breeding cycle within the carpet.
Can ticks live in carpet?